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Chalets MontBrillant, near Bansko and Razlog

New villas with uniqie views in clean region, 14 km away from the ski runs of Bansko

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Property features

House / Chalet / Villa
Area: 117.50 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 2
Floor: 2
Condition: read text
Furnishing: Furnished/unfurnished
Ref. No.: Chalets Montbrillant — 25610

Location of the property/complex

Location: Region / Near Bansko / Godlevo village

The houses are heated with eco pellets, as apart from the heating system the houses also have fireplaces which not only provide warmth but coziness as well. The aroma and the crackle of the wood in the fireplace create the feeling of belonging to ancient times and rituals – when people gathered around the warm fire, when they were much closer to each other and gave each other strength, love and support.

Wood provides incomparable natural insulation – durable and reliable. In addition, the houses have insulation layers providing the optimal temperature, the lowest possible energy consumption and high energy efficiency.

The houses in the Chalets Montbrilliant holiday village offer thermal protection both in summer and winter. The heat transfer through the outer walls of the houses is 0,18 W/m2 at a norm as per the European standard of < 0,20 W/m2.
The wooden walls of the houses which we will build have 3 to 5 times better insulation qualities than brick or concrete walls.

The heating in the houses is optimized with a few heating points in the larger rooms for better distribution of the warmth. This system will help avoid the dreaded condense on the windows which is a prerequisite for mould and mildew. Around the large panoramic windows there will be vertical heating elements which will provide reliable heating despite the large window panes. This method has proved its efficiency in heating rooms with such windows.

On the one hand, the wood and wooden paneling in the houses provide good insulation on the outside and keep the house warm in winter and do not let the warmth be lost through the walls and the roof. In the summer months the heat outside will not bother the inhabitants as wood isolates high temperatures. Thus the houses provide great microclimatic conditions. This is also one of the signs for the high energy efficiency of the houses.

Here you will not need air conditioners to regulate the temperature in summer. Just open the windows and let the evening breeze enter through them. This way the house will be cooler and you will relax despite the heat on the long summer days.

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€ 132,000

Area: 117.50 sq.m.

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Yana Yancheva

Yana Yancheva

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