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Plumbing services

Replacement of water pipes and installations, replacement of vertical and horizontal pipes

The old water pipes usually come with rust and deposits that deteriorate the quality of water that is passing through them. With the change of the water pipes in the water supply network is being ensured access to quality and healthy water with fewer impurities and sediments.

Meanwhile, with a change of the water pipes is consumed a smaller amount of water for domestic usage since the fresh water comes faster. Moreover, as the time passes the old pipes are prerequisite for various accidents - narrowing of the internal bore due to clogging and increasing of the pressure required to move the water through the vertical and horizontal elements of the conduit.

The old pipes often break down - parts of them or their connecting elements decay and cause leaks of different intensity - from constant dripping, through spraying and large leaks. It is especially unpleasant when the accident causes flooding in the building.

At the replacement of the water drainage system in residential buildings, the old plumbing installation is removed and a new circulator installation is placed.

The advantage of the water circulation system is that the hot water is rotating within the installation, and with turning the tap of the hot-water it flows almost immediately. In the old water supply systems, the hot water does not circulate, but each time it is coming from the basement, which takes some time, especially if the hot water needs to reach the upper floors of the building.

During this time the cooled (even cold water) which passes through the pipes is being billed as hot water. This leads to high costs for hot water, which is not actually consumed as supposed to, since it was cold.
The payback for the replacement of the old water supply system with a new circulating water system will be paid within one to two years.

The situation is similar with the sewer installation. The older buildings come with sewerage systems that are made of stoneware, which over time become unreliable, crack and start causing various problems - leaks, obstructions, presence of cockroaches and other pests, etc.

With the change of the stoneware with UPVC pipes, the toilet must be replaced as well. The stoneware sewer systems require installation of toilets with vertical drainage, while the modern sewer systems require installation of toilets with side or rear drainage.
Repair works and reconstruction

Façade lighting

Design and installing of façade lighting
Façade lighting can make any building appear magnificent during the night. During the day it is the daylight and the architectural features that make a building beautiful but at night this is up to façade lighting which can enhance or soften specific elements of a building and the surrounding areas better than daylight. Apart from its esthetic function, façade lighting also has the function to protect buildings from vandalism. Also, it is much more pleasant and safer to pass by a well light building… View more 

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Repair works and reconstruction

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can vary quite a lot – path lighting, park lighting, street lighting, façade lighting, lighting of squares and playgrounds, etc. with tall, low or spot lighting fixtures – lamps, lanterns, spotlights, lights built into the pavement, different façade lighting, etc. The main aim when designing and installing outdoor lighting fixtures is to create a safe environment during the night and to create beautiful forms and shapes to make our cities, countryside or parks more beautiful.… View more 

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Repair works and reconstruction

Carpentry services

We can offer you all types of carpentry services: - installation and maintenance of parquet flooring - building of wooden staircases - wooden window frames - wooden interior doors - wooden front doors - wooden gates - natural wood furniture - wooden roofs - wooden shelters and sunshades - other wooden shelter constructions - internal wood paneling - external wood paneling - indoor wooden flooring - outdoor wooden flooring - wooden decking - wooden access ramps - wooden window… View more 

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Repair works and reconstruction

Window frames

Fitting of wooden, aluminum and PVC window frames. Fitting sliding frames and joinery
Window frames are extremely important both for the general appearance of the building and of the individual rooms and for the comfort of the residents and guests. Frames can be aluminum, PVC and wooden. They must provide good insulation both in winter and in summer – in winter to keep the warmth inside the room and in summer – outside it. Good insulation is achieved by choosing the right profiles and systems. What is more, the glass can be tinted or mirror, so that nothing is visible from the… View more 

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Repair works and reconstruction

Internal and external facing and paneling

and paneling with natural stone, wood, slabs, decorative brick, decorative glass, stained glass, etalbond
Internal and external facing and paneling can vary widely – from natural or synthetic stone, wood, wood imitation, ceramic tiles, mosaics, decorative bricks, glass bricks, cork, polycarbonate, PVC, to etalbond and many, many more. The facing/paneling gives “structure” to the interior space or façade on which it is installed. The facing/paneling can be applied to a few plains or only to part of them – the effect is different but always noticeable. Each facing/paneling is installed in a specific way… View more 

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