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Green roofs and terraces

Landscaping of roofs, balconies, garages and underground parking zones

The green roofs are becoming especially popular lately. They are planed on sites where no adequate free space is available in order for gardens on the ground level to be developed.

The green roofs can be roofs of buildings, as well as roofs of parking lots and garages. In order for such green roofs to be constructed, the roof of the structure itself should be built with the implementation of a green roof area in mind.

Besides soil or inert substrate, which is poured onto the roof, the structure must be consistent with the vegetation that will grow on the roof over time and will increase its mass and volume.

During the process of construction of the green roofs reliable waterproofing has to be provided, which needs to be resistant to the mechanical actions of the root system of the plants, as well as to the effect of various chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and other chemicals used for the maintenance of the green areas.

The green roofs can have only a decorative and ecological function, but at the same time they can also be loaded with movement and stay of people and animals on them.

This should be known in advance, so that the construction and the insulation layers of the slab on the roof to provide the suitable thickness, reinforcement and abrasion resistance.

In Bulgaria the green roofs are not yet sufficiently popular or most often they are implemented as concrete platforms on which later are arranged pots and flower beds with plants.

However, we know everything about the true green roofs – how they should be built and how should they look like even years after they have been completed.

We know how to design, implement and maintain the true green roofs, so that their appearance and durability will remain for years after being built.

Maintenance and repair of exterior wood surfaces

Maintenance and repair of pavements of Siberian pine, teak, etc.
Repair works and maintenance of the external wooden flooring is necessary to keep the pavements in good, healthy, aesthetic and functional condition. These maintenance and repair services have enjoyed great interest in the recent years and we have gained considerable experience in the implementation of such repairs. Repair and maintenance of pavements of Siberian pine, teak, larch, locust and other types of wood in general include the following activities: • Washing the surface with detergent… View more 

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Additional projects – irrigation systems

Drawing up projects for irrigation systems
To create a beautiful yard or a garden requires a lot of effort, enthusiasm and capital. Regular watering and taking care of the plants and flowers are especially important in order to preserve their decorative qualities and good health. We know that watering plants and flowers with a hose is neither the most pleasant or best solution. In this case irrigation systems are suitable for any outdoor green area that you want to keep in a good state for years to come. The irrigation system project is… View more 

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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can vary quite a lot – path lighting, park lighting, street lighting, façade lighting, lighting of squares and playgrounds, etc. with tall, low or spot lighting fixtures – lamps, lanterns, spotlights, lights built into the pavement, different façade lighting, etc. The main aim when designing and installing outdoor lighting fixtures is to create a safe environment during the night and to create beautiful forms and shapes to make our cities, countryside or parks more beautiful.… View more 

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Landscape modeling

Landscape modeling, changing natural relief, terrain modeling
Landscape modeling is often needed for a number of reasons. This is most often done with the aim to improve the esthetics of the area, make the access easier, enhance the terrain or use the free space better. Terrain modeling includes excavation and embanking work, forming of alleys, access ramps, stairs, sites, terraces, building batters, supporting walls, artificial hills or forming artificial hollows in the terrain, etc. In order to build an artificial lake that would be in harmony with its… View more 

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Reconstruction of green areas

Reconstruction of existing green areas
In many parts of the contemporary urban environment or private gardens the vegetation has lost its appeal and good esthetic appearance due to a number of reasons. In some places the vegetation is too rank – with many unwelcome trees and bushes or the trees and bushes have lost their shape and the grass – its decorative quality. Parts of the initially planned and planted vegetation have died and wilted due to their age, illnesses and pests, pollution or other reasons. We can draw up a project… View more 

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