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Air conditioners and heating

Installation of air conditioners, air conditioning installations with split system, radiators, built-in under floor and wall heating.

We know that the coziness in every home and building is due largely to the optimum temperature and humidity of the air. During the colder months, it is important for the buildings to be heated in the most appropriate manner so as to secure the comfort of the residents.

In addition to that, in a building that is heated, insulated and ventilated in the proper manner, no excess moisture is held and the possibility for formation of mold and mildew is very limited.

The air conditioners that are available on the market are becoming more efficient, both for cooling and for heating of the premises. It is very important how and where the air conditioners are installed in order to save space, to organize an optimal interior layout and to create comfort to the residents.

The condensation from the air conditioners should most appropriately be brought out to the water pipes or the drainage system, so that not to produce wet puddles under the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

Furthermore, from a purely aesthetic point of view and also for safety reasons, it is preferable that all cables and pipes of the air conditioners to be hidden inside the wall itself.

The position of the air conditioners should be selected in such a way so that their work should not disturb the residents and should not cause discomfort by direct blowing, cooling or heating.

During the installation of the air conditioners, their location must be consistent with the location of the outer walls. As a rule, the air conditioners are always installed on an outer wall - that wall of the room that gets the coldest in winter.

Exceptions can be made only at the presence of French windows along the entire facade of the building. Then, in order not to disturb the aesthetics of the façade, it is acceptable for the air conditioners to be installed on the adjacent walls.

The integrated under floor and built-in wall heating are also suitable option for the heating of the premises, especially in cases where the premises are small and every centimeter is valuable for the residents.

With that option of heating, the good insulation of the external walls remains very important to avoid the water condensation on these walls during the colder months of the year.

In recent years, a lot has been said about the efficiency of the heating appliances. The truth is that any type of heating is effective when it is designed and implemented well, in accordance to the specific characteristics of the property and the needs of the occupants or users.
Finishing works

Plastering and puttying

We know that the beauty of every wall and ceiling lies in its beautiful surface. After the wall is built from the respective building materials – bricks, Ytong blocks, plasterboard, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc. what follows is its plastering. By plastering the walls and the ceilings they become even and their imperfections are corrected so that they become smooth and geometrically straight and smooth right angles are formed where the walls meet. Plastering covers all ducts for electrical,… View more 

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Finishing works

Decorative plasterwork and mosaics

Plastering and decorative plasterwork, mosaic and decorative mosaics
We can offer you a wide variety of mosaics, decorative mosaics, plasters and decorative plasters. Depending on the bonding agent, plasters can be mineral, silicone, silicate and polymer. Decorative plasters with mineral base can have an extremely beautiful rustic structure. The diversity of plasters with rustic structure is due to the different size of the fractions and the depth of the tracks left after the plastering and also to the way they are plastered to the surface – vertically,… View more 

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Finishing works


Laying of faience, terracotta, fine stoneware tiles, slabs from natural stone or wood
We offer you a team of skilled workers who will install the hard floorings in your home in a professional manner, whether they are from faience, terracotta, fine stoneware tiles, slabs of natural stone or wood, cork, etc. We believe in a job well done and that is why the floorings we make are of impeccable appearance and quality. In interior design the flooring in each room is one of the main elements that create its ambience. The texture, the raster and the colour scheme can optically increase… View more 

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Finishing works

Parquet and wooden flooring

Setting of floorings from natural wooden material
The natural oak or beech flooring is used for many years already. This type of flooring has proven its qualities, its strength and durability. Of course, like any natural material, the wooden flooring needs maintenance at certain periods of time. The maintenance includes sanding, varnishing, constriction, application of paste, polishing, and in extreme cases - rearrangement. The parquet flooring can be arranged in several ways, which are well known to the skilled artisans. When setting this type of… View more 

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Finishing works

Installation of bathtubs, sanitary equipment, boilers, etc.

Installation of bathtubs, sanitary equipment, boilers, etc
We can offer you a choice and professional installation of various elements and equipment: Baths, shower cabins and hydro massage panels; Sanitary faience; Saunas and steam baths; Water heaters and boilers; Various systems for video surveillance and security; Intercom systems; Installation of electric switches and lighting; other. For more information or questions, please contact us.… View more 

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