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Children’s playgrounds

When constructing children’s playgrounds certain norms and requirements must be met, which guarantee the children’s safety while on the playground.

These rules and norms were introduced in Bulgaria not so long ago and that is why a large part of the playgrounds that are already constructed have not been made safe in accordance with the safety requirements.

The playgrounds we build are entertaining and they are in accordance with all safety requirements.

Children’s playgrounds can be divided into groups as per a few main criteria. For example, there are playgrounds for very young children (toddlers) who still lack coordination and have not yet developed their agility, strength and concentration.

This type of playground has soft rubber-covered anti-shock surface which protects the children if they fall. The playground equipment is simplified, with rounded corners and easily accessed.

This type of playground must take into consideration the fact that there will be adults on the playground – they must supervise the children and help them in their games.

The toddler swings are single, deep enough for the child to sit comfortably and they always have a back that doesn’t allow the child to move back. The installation of the so-called spring swing whose base is made of strong spring allowing the child to “ride” the equipment is also allowed.

Children’s playgrounds for older children can be finished with playground equipment that would develop their physical and mental qualities – strength, agility, stamina, coordination, balance and many more.

These playgrounds could have an element of measured risk that would be attractive to the children and would help them overcome their fears and look after themselves.

There are also playgrounds which are suitable both for older children and for teenagers and adults. These are the so called adventure playgrounds and adventure parks – the games there need some physical training, courage, coordination and stamina.

You probably have seen and been in such parks – with many ropes, bungee jumping, trampolines, rope ladders, wooden ladders and rope bridges, rope trolleys for moving from tree to tree where a person moves with a descender, a carabiner or hanging by their hands.

Such entertainment is also perfect for a large group of children and adults looking for games with a competitive element.

We know a lot about children’s playgrounds and equipment and our partners offer a large assortment of certified playground equipment. If you are looking for a project of high quality providing safety and its execution, please contact us.
Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds

Sports playgrounds

Construction of sports playgrounds and sports grounds
Sports playgrounds are very important for maintaining the population’s good health and physical education. In the areas where there are plenty of sports playgrounds the population is healthier. Sports playgrounds can vary greatly – they can be for volleyball, for basketball, tennis courts, table tennis grounds, football pitches, mini football pitches and many more. Recently, the grounds for outdoor fitness are becoming more and more popular. They have equipment suitable for training and… View more 

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