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Finishing works

Plastering and puttying

We know that the beauty of every wall and ceiling lies in its beautiful surface. After the wall is built from the respective building materials – bricks, Ytong blocks, plasterboard, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc. what follows is its plastering. By plastering the walls and the ceilings they become even and their imperfections are corrected so that they become smooth and geometrically straight and smooth right angles are formed where the walls meet. Plastering covers all ducts for electrical,… View more 

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Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds

Children’s playgrounds

When constructing children’s playgrounds certain norms and requirements must be met, which guarantee the children’s safety while on the playground. These rules and norms were introduced in Bulgaria not so long ago and that is why a large part of the playgrounds that are already constructed have not been made safe in accordance with the safety requirements. The playgrounds we build are entertaining and they are in accordance with all safety requirements. Children’s playgrounds can be divided… View more 

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Design of all parts and construction aspects

Drawing up of projects on Architecture, Construction, Water and Sewage Systems, Electrical, HVAC, Geodesy and Vertical Planning, Landscaping, Health and Safety Plans
We offer you high quality comprehensive planning of all parts: - Architecture - Construction - Water and sewage systems - Electrical - HVAC - Geodesy and vertical planning - Landscaping - Health and Safety Plans The projects under the above parts form the main part of the project documentation which must be drawn up before the commencing of the construction of each building. We know that in the process of designing a building the communication between the investor and the designers… View more 

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Green buildings

Passive houses and buildings

Construction of passive houses and buildings
Passive houses and passive buildings are those buildings whose interior spaces can be heated and cooled without any active heating or cooling system. The building can heat and cool itself and that is why it is called passive. The construction of a passive building is to some extent more expensive than the construction of a standard building but in the long term such a building is worth the initial investment because it saves energy from the property’s heating and cooling. It is believed that… View more 

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Repair works and reconstruction

Façade lighting

Design and installing of façade lighting
Façade lighting can make any building appear magnificent during the night. During the day it is the daylight and the architectural features that make a building beautiful but at night this is up to façade lighting which can enhance or soften specific elements of a building and the surrounding areas better than daylight. Apart from its esthetic function, façade lighting also has the function to protect buildings from vandalism. Also, it is much more pleasant and safer to pass by a well light building… View more 

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