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Finished project

Repair works of outdoor wooden terrace

Repair and maintenance works of terraces made of Siberian pine-tree wood

Private investor
Outdoor terrace
3 days
Project management:
Chobanov and Stoyanov Ltd.
Contractor finishing:
Chobanov and Stoyanov Ltd.
We are presenting to you this repair works of open-air terraces, covered with Siberian pine wood material. This kind of material is very nice and popular during the past years and is wide used for developing garden stages, terraces, patios, walkways and other kinds of outer grounds.

Terraces that we have repaired have northeast and northwest exposure, with prevalence of east and west direction. The terraces have a total area of 105 square meters.

They are open-air and are subject to seasonal weather influence all year-round. The intense sunshine, the high temperatures in summer, the heavy snow in winter, the melting snow and the frost are affecting the wood. That melting snow that freezes during the cold nights in the pores of the wood is most detrimental to its strength and integrity.

In order to be kept in good condition, the wood should be regularly cycled and impregnated with suitable paints and oils which enhance its resistance to weathering.

On the pitch, we performed the following activities:

  • We washed the surface with detergent and clean water
  • We cycled the surface with machine. This procedure removed the top layer of wood, whose integrity was compromised by weather
  • We checked the integrity of the wood and we filled in the available deep cracks with durable kit for outdoor use in wood color
  • Then we treated the wood surface with a special oil against external influences in natural color
  • After oil drying, we polished the surfaces
At the relevant pictures you can see the terraces before and after the maintenance.

The guarantees of the treated surface are between 2 and 5 years - depending on how you maintain the terraces, especially in the winter months.

To preserve the effect of this ongoing maintenance as long as possible, it is necessary the winter snow to be promptly removed. Repeated melting and freezing of the winter snows is the most damaging process for wood and violates its entirety.
Finished project

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