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Company principles

"Choston Developments" is guided by a few simple but immutable business principles. These principles fully comply with the perceptions of our management, owners and staff concerning the mission, policy, sustainability of development and customer satisfaction, namely:

1. Specializing in the development of Premium properties - highest quality construction and designer interiors.

2 . We work with some of the most reputable architects and designers in Bulgaria. Since 2009 the main architecture bureau we work with is "GENIG STUDIO".

3. We are inspired by the best examples in the world architecture and construction! Hence the characteristic appearance of our buildings - a modern interpretation of the established and timeless style of the classic European architecture;

4. Our company is a family owned. The executive management of the company is in the hands of the two owners M. Chobanov and N. Stoyanov;

5. We follow a conservative policy concerning participation and investment in new development projects. We go thorough serious checks for risk management and we refrain from participating in construction projects with speculative purpose.

6. We have a solid base of own company assets, shareholders and their sister companies in our corporate group.

7. We are focused on investment and construction of small-scale buildings (built-up area between 1000 and 3000 sq.m). We avoid participation in large-scale projects. Each year we complete not more than two buildings!

8. The small number of our current projects allows us to pay specific attention to the smallest detail of each one of them. This is the only way to achieve flawless aesthetics and quality that we guarantee in each one of our buildings!

9. We do not invest and own heavy machinery and equipment for large-scale construction. The heavy construction processes are being held by our Subcontractors who have proven their efficient work throughout the years.

10. We provide full after-sales maintenance and management of the complexes built by us. This way we ensure impeccable service after the buildings are put into habitation, a requirement for any prestigious property.

11. We provide a full building guarantee from first hand.

12. Our company lacks any obligations to the state, banks and third parties.