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"Deal Engineering'' Ltd.

''Deal-Engineering'' Ltd. was founded in year 2004 with main activities being construction and making of renovations, project design and supervision of the construction process. The construction solutions offered by the company are based on many years of experience and high quality of the employees that the company has. The company uses the latest technologies and materials in order to achieve the desired result. The high quality of work and the consistency form the key concept of the company.… View more 

Joint projects (5)  

Genig Studio Ltd.

"Genig Studio" is a creative studio founded in year 2006. The team develops its activities in two main directions - project design and development of architectural presentations. The rich experience, the good atmosphere and the cozy environment in the company form the base for the development of any professional idea. The studio designs appropriate, comfortable and aesthetically arranged spaces and offers innovative solutions that concern the interior and the exterior zones. The architecture,… View more 

Joint projects (9)  

''Chobanov & Stoyanov Developments'' Ltd.

The company is a subsidiary company of "Chobanov & Stoyanov" Ltd. company and was settled with the aim to invest in the construction of some of our newly completed buildings and… View more 


Строително-инвестиционна компания "ЧСТ" ООД е свързана фирма с "Чобанов и Стоянов" ООД. Създадена е през 2013 г. с цел да инвестира и развие луксозния затворен комплекс на първа линия до морето и плажа, в близост до живописния Нос Амбелиц, до известния морски курорт Лозенец, обл. Бургас.… View more