M. Chobanov

The modern home must be beautiful, functional, comfortable and cozy… At the same time it must provide a healthy and quality living environment!

N. Stoyanov

Intelligent luxury...
It must be well designed to bring joy, comfort, and satisfaction and to be used efficiently
for many years to come...

We construct quality buildings,
we are passionate about aesthetics,
we value our reputation ...

We work in the field of quality construction and all activities and services related to it. We will help you design and build the home of your dreams, renovate and modernize the property you love, fill your days with beauty and coziness. If you want to construct a new residential development, a business building, an industrial facility, a villa, a house, a beautiful garden or a park, a sports ground or a children’s playground come to us!

Our rich experience and our many finished projects give us the confidence that we can finish successfully even the toughest construction tasks. Our young team is enthusiastic and hardworking and we strive to work in accordance with the highest global standards in construction and finishing works.

We follow these simple principles which are at the basis of our work:

  • High quality, short deadlines and sensible prices
  • A team of experienced professionals
  • We fulfill our commitments and give you even more than you expect

Our main goal is to make our clients happy with the final product. Trust our company with boutique construction and we will not disappoint you!

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Company news and events

The electric switchboards are installed and the equipment is set inside the apartments. The front doors and the entry doors of the apartments are placed. The rough construction of the vertical landscaping is done. The installations of the pool are also implemented. Pending is the completion of the…

04/05/2016 View more

The construction works are going according to the established schedule: 1. The front armored doors from company SOLID 55 have been installed on all apartments. 2. The wrought iron railings on all balconies have been delivered and are currently being installed. 3. The facade lighting has been delivered,…

24/03/2016 View more

The construction of Belle Époque complex goes on according to the schedule. The façade is expected to be completed around 15th February. Around the same time will be completed the finishing works inside the apartments. The front and the interior doors have already been ordered from SOLID 55 - leader…

19/01/2016 View more